Saturday, August 12, 2006

The fight against predators and pornographers

Hello - Welcome to's blog which I hope to be a growing audience of concerned parents and individuals that are simply fed up with the attack on our families by online predators and internet pornography traffickers.

I would like to see comments about our products and their usages by individuals.

I would like to hear about activities in your neighborhoods, cities and states that is combating this activities. We need to give every concerned and working individual a big "THANK YOU". I hope the exposure of this blog will just be a small part of everyone's appreciation.

However, we as parents, need to be more proactive. The problem is absolutely staggering:

Over 87% of all 12-17 year olds are using the internet and participating in online chat rooms where the predators can easily reach them.

Despite an over 60% increase in parental controls and so-called filtering softwares during the last 5 years, online predator activity and internet pornography has still grown over 40%. Many parents believe that they are protected because they have parental controls. Let me WARN YOU. Parental controls simply DO NOT work.

One in five of our children has talked or is in an online converstion with a sexual predator. I am seeing reports that this number may be approaching one in 3. Over half of our kids state they have experienced aggressive sexual predator conversations. And this is despite parental controls.

I can go on and on. Yes, we have a problem and I am not sitting down any longer.

Who am I? Actually, I am a very concerned parent that has recently accepted the position as the General Manager of is devoted to developing solutions to protect our families agaist these predators and pornographers. In subsequent posts, I will provide more information on myself and the problem. I welcome your feedback and your assistance in combating this problem



At 10:45 AM, Blogger David V. Lott said...

So, let's dig a little deeper.

Dr. Amen of the Amen Institute provided MAX with some information about how addiction affects a developing brain.

He talks about that as a child's brain is developing his decision activity is occuring in the frontal lobes. Pornography and drugs essentially high jack the brains activity in the front by causing an dopamine rush. When the dopamine levels of our brain is elevated above the seratonin levels, we experience a pleasurable experience or "high". This is a normal activity. Pornography and drugs high jack this activity. Dr. Amen has found that after just a few hours of viewing online pornography that the brain is addicted and must continue to be fed in order to create the high. After a while simply pornography is not enough and one must go deeper into the activities to create the same high.

As a child's brain develops these dopamine rushes cause fizzures in the frontal lobe which the brain must work around in the decision making process. As the brain fully develops around the age of 25 for boys and 23 for girls the fizzures are permanent. Our children must go to greater extremes to get their "highs".

If the fizzures are large enough, the brain quickly moves the decision process to the back of the brain rather than working around the fizzures. This is the fight or flight area of the brain. Rather than working our a problem, the person simply runs or fights. For this reason, it is believed that this generation will experience over a 90% divorce rate. Kids will simply chose to leave rather than work out problems.

I know some of you don't believe that so many children are being influenced. I will go on in other posts.

For now the average age a young boy is subjected to online pornography is 11 YEARS OLD. Imagine that. These perverted individuals are reaching into our homes and stealing our children right under our noses.

Time to take a stand.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger David V. Lott said...

So how do these people reach our children with this trash.

I have learned that there is over 65,000 ports (or pathways) into our computer over the internet line. The average parental consent software only protects two of those ports. That leaves well over 65,000 doors for this trash to get thru to our children.

The problem is not only limited by simply web searches and web activity. Most children participate in what is called peer to peer activity. That is they communicate to their friends and others over chat rooms and other instant messaging services. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and MySpace are examples. Our children are downloading files and music and pictures from their friends. It is at these times that our children are most exposed to the pornographers and predators.

I understand there are over 1 BILLION pornographic files and sites that is growing at the rate of 3,000 per day.

Our children need to do nothing more than do a search using common words and to be exposed to this trash.

I ask that you do a test. Simply have your child go to MySpace or some similar chatroom area and do a search for "Pokemon". Simple and safe little search. Nothing could be wrong with a child wanting to find some information about his favorite cartoon character. Wrong. These people that want to harm our children use these simple little "safe" searches to inundate our children with images of pornographic material.

It does not take long for these images to take over our childrens brains and they become addicted.

Please try it. Just pick common items that children would do searches for and find out how much trash our children is exposed to.

I bet most of you did not even know this. And I bet you will want to throw the computer out the window.

Next time I post, I will talk about how this trash has affected my family.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger David V. Lott said...

President Bush signs Predator Law.

Thank you Mr. Bush.

I am told there are over 700,000 known and convicted sexual predators on our street. I am also told that experts believe the real number of predators is closer to 10 times this amount.

This is definitely a start in the right direction.



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